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A new school year has started and so has a new mystery.
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 A vampire on the streets. (Open)

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Ruka Souen


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PostSubject: A vampire on the streets. (Open)   Thu Jun 02, 2011 7:47 pm

Ruka walked down the busy steet with a few bags of shopping that mainly consisted of books and clothing and one pair of new shoes. she wore a light pink jumper and light blue skinny jeans she had they day off today and thought that she might as well do some shopping. She looked at all of the happy huamns walking around the street chatting like there was nothing bad in this world like those disucusting level E vampires. To her those thinmgs was a desrccase to all living vampire. It made them seem like bad creatures when really they were not. shewalked up to the bus stoped and waited for the next bus to take her back to the school. She knew that the bus did not stop at the school, infact it waould be about a ten minute walk back to the school once she got off the bus.
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A vampire on the streets. (Open)
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