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A new school year has started and so has a new mystery.
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 The Shoko Twins

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Sakura and Hime


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PostSubject: The Shoko Twins    Thu May 26, 2011 8:27 pm

Cross Acadmey Application
Full name:Sakura Shoko and Hime Shoko
Race:Sakura-Human vampire hunter Hime= common vampire and hunter
Looks:Sakura has lond pink hair while Hime has a lond blonde hair, both girls are slender and tall. They also both have a bright light blue eye colour.

Peronality: Sakura is a smart girl who is kind and helpful and caring, mainy because of her twin sister, but once it comes to hunting you can see her dark side. Sakura does tnot hate vampires, but only wants to put a stop to leavel E's hurting humans. Hime is a load and outgoing girl who is smart but just cn't be bothered at times. Even though her humanity was taken away from her she was still able to live happly. She doesn't mind hunting other vampire as much, but she does feel some pain but does not show it. she can also be abit of a flirt at times.
Likes:sakura like to read study, draw, listen to music and be with friends. While, Hime like to go out and have fun, she like to sing to her music out load and doesn't real care what people think.
Dislikes:Sakura dislikes violece, even though she is a vampire hunter she keeps on telling herself that she putting them out of there misary. whileHime hate to eat see food.
Fears: Sakura fears losing her sister while Hime is affraid of her sister becomeing a vampire like she is. So in short they both fear losing each other.

Rank:Both normal hunters Hime is also a common vampire
Weapion:Both girls own two small daggers and one bloody rose each.
Family:Mother, Father and older brother.
History:The Shoko family were hunter for generation, they are all skilled but were too lazy to go for a rank, they were happy as they were.The girls older brother would take them out hunting with him when they were ten behind their parents back, that was when Hime was attacked. Before her brother killed the vampire he forced him to allow hime to drik his blood to prevent her to turning into a leave E, as soon as it was done he ran away. As Hime grew up she notice the vampire hanging around her alot which started to creep her out. The vampire was late killed be other hunters. Sakura took extra care of her sister telling her that thing will be okay, even though Hime acted normal all the time. Everyone could tell that one of them was a vampire but they could not tell which one was the vampire, so they kept a close eye on her. The girls were sent to Cross academy to contiue there studying also to join the vampire hunter leader and help her with the girls work.


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PostSubject: Re: The Shoko Twins    Thu May 26, 2011 9:10 pm

Me like..... enjoy the sites first set of twins and my minnions XDD
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The Shoko Twins
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