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A new school year has started and so has a new mystery.
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 Raven (Kuro, Marina)

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PostSubject: Raven (Kuro, Marina)   Sat Jan 29, 2011 7:29 pm

Cross Acadmey Application

Full name:Unknown (Marina Kuro)
Race:Vampire Hunter
Looks:Raven has black hair, as black as the bird and blue eyes. She is a tall girl a large, but faint scare across her back.

Peronality:Kind, but fun. Raven can be a great leader at times, but she is also very stubborn at times. She liked to be left alone when planing her missions, but will normal have her deputie with her.
Likes:Books, music, lollies, shoping, planiing. Her weeknese are animals.
Dislikes:Most vampires, those who harm others, people who do not respect other, pointless wars, seafood.
Fears: Being a bad leader and

Rank:Head Hunter.
Weapion: C3 - A silver staff that can take three diffrent fourms, an axe, shield and two fans.

Hometown:Unknown (Japan)
History:Very littleis known about the girl, even her name is unknown. Ravens family went missing in a fire when she was five. All that was known was that her family had connections to the hunters. raven was sent to live there. Her uncle was the head vampire hunter at the time (same guy from the story). She trained until she was twelve, that was when she had her first mission. Her mission was to hunt down a level E vampire and kill him. she was in a small gorup of five, three people in her group died, one almost died, the other became blind and Ravens back was cut open. Her and the surviving members of the team caught the vampire and killed him.

When the head hunter went missing, raven took over, her uncle gave her that name because of her hair. She was only fifteen at the time. Peaople back chatted about her saying that she was too young and was useless, but they were proven wrong when one of them challenged her to a dual and lost. After that Raven slowly started to gain some respect. whenshe heard about Cross Academy she decided to join. And play the roll of a school girl.
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Raven (Kuro, Marina)
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