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A new school year has started and so has a new mystery.
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PostSubject: Rules   Sun Aug 29, 2010 3:05 pm

As much as we don’t like them we do need them. We the admin would like to have some guide lines, so everyone can RP in peace and be happy, so we have created a small set of rules for you.

Rule one: no one line posts unless OOC
Rule two: I will not allow bullying, I don't care who started it I will end it. If anyone is acting inappropriately then I pm me and I will also deal with it. so in short respect All members.
Rule three: Stay in character, no Rido helping old grannies cross the street. (as much as I'd love to see Rido helping old grannies XD)
Rule four: you may have more than one character, but they must have a different account, unless they a twins.
Rule five:Okay, I have to keep this site kid friendly, which means no lemons.
Rule six:Okay another kid friendly rule, not too much blood and gore I don't want people freaking out over these things.
Rule seven: Have fun

The Vampire hunters goup is now from today untill we get more clueless day class student who are NOT alowed to know that the night class are vampires and more night class as well as clueless teachers.

When writing your history pleace make it more then one paragraph!!!

From the Admins
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